Superior Total Light Package


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Superior Total Light Package

The Superior Total Light Package is back and better than ever!!!
Comes complete with SPIDEREYE and BushWhacker Technology

The most desirable light package to hit the market in years. First, the ultra lightweight cap light only weighing 17 ounces, gives a good walk pattern, while at the same time providing a spot for shining at distances. The White LED's give off about 500 lumens of bright white light. With the flip of a toggle switch you will have a bright colored LED for summer and shining trees. This colored LED will cover the entire umbrella of most trees. Colored LED's available in Red, Green, And Amber - Your choice! To complement our cap light is a newly redesigned Superior BushWhacker handheld spotlight capable of 160,000+ lux and over 1000 lumens, making it the brightest spotlight available. Both the cap light and spotlight have a 2 year warranty. The total package come with 2 automatic chargers, The SpiderEye Cap light, The Superior BushWhacker handheld spotlight, and a belt pouch for the spotlight.



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