Superior SpiderEye Plus Bump Cap


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Superior SpiderEye Plus Bump Cap

NEW Superior SPIDEREYE Plus!!!

The SPIDEREYE Plus incorporates more colors and a popular warm white led, this LED is wide angle used for walking and for those who like shining trees with off color white - this is it - in addition it will cover the entire umbrella of the tree. The dual bright white LEDs put out about 500 lumens and are bright enough for most people to use without a spotlight. Weight is about 19 ounces and perfectly balanced. The 5 position switch on the head piece is for selecting colors (Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, or Dual White), and the 4 position switch on the battery box is for selecting the level of brightness. This is a Perfect compliment for The Superior Hand Held Spotlight. All Superior Cap lights come with an automatic charger and a 2 year warranty.

Burn times for dual white LEDs:
Click 1 ----------104 hours
Click 2------------37 hours
Click 3------------12 hours
Click 4------------3 hours

Burn times for warm white, green, red and blue LED:
Click 1------------63 hours
Click 2------------22 hours
Click 3------------7.4 hours
Click 4------------6.5 hours


ON SALE : $199.00

Was : $239.00

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