Quick Track - QTS-XL


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Quick Track - QTS-XL

The QTS-XL is our state-of-the-art designed collar. It is an EXTENDED RANGE, LONG LIFE, LIGHTWEIGHT (7.7 OZ.) COLLAR. You can expect to receive up to 50% more range with the QTS-XL. It will clearly outperform most collars on the market today. The QTS-XL will offer years of maintenance-free service from the battery. After that time, the collar can be service and reconditioned for a small fee. The antenna is made of non-corrosive stainless steel cable that is virtually unbreakable. The QTS-XL carries a full three year warranty. This means if any part fails to operate properly during the first three years you own it, we will REPLACE OR REPAIR IT AT NO CHARGE. We are the only company that offers such an outstanding warranty on their collars. The QTS-XL is the collar that 95% of our customers choose due to the OUTSTANDING RANGE, WEIGHT, SERVICE the collar offers.





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