Superior StingRay W/ TriPlex

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The Superior Stingray is one of the newest and lightest weight hunting lights currently available on the hunting light market!! The Stingray Features:


  • The only light available with your choice of a single color module, the Superior Triplex color module, or the Superior Quadtek color module.....only pay for what you want!!!
  • Comes standard with ultra bright walk light, red, and amber colors!!
  • The newest, most efficient LED on the market, and the only light offered using this technology. You will not find a brighter light under $250.
  • Available on your choice of bump cap or hybrid soft cap.
  • Available with your choice of bright white or natural color main beam.
  • Weight is only 19 ounces depending on your choice of bump cap or hybrid soft cap.
  • Over 4 hours of run time on the highest setting
  • Made in the USA
  • All Superior Lights come with a 2 year warranty.