Dogtra Pathfinder Mini

Dogtra Pathfinder Mini

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$399.99 The Dogtra PATHFINDER MINI brings GPS and e-collar technology right to your smartphone, giving you a more accurate and responsive way to track and train smaller dogs like beagles.

Compatible with and 22% smaller than the PATHFINDER, the PATHFINDER MINI truly works without using cellular data*. Just download the free maps and operate your smartphone in the Offline Maps mode. Unlike other GPS e-collars, there are no extra navigation packages to purchase. The PATHFINDER MINI also offers a 4-mile range and a Beacon & Locate LED Light to easily track dogs 15 lbs and up.
* Downloading the app initially requires data usage. No data needed after the app is downloaded.

Rheostat/Volume Dial with Stimulation Levels 0-100 2-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries Nick and Constant Stimulation Fully Waterproof Receiver/Collar Expandable to 21 Dogs and Hunters Geo-fence Option Offline Maps Precise and Up-to-date Maps Tracking Only Mode For Dogs as Small as 10 lbs.