Superior Battery Capacity Tester

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Have you ever thought after a long hunt that your going to take a break, and not hunt the following night. You come in,  set your light aside and don't put it on charge. Only to decide when you get off work the next day that you'll take a short hunt. The only problem is, you don't know how much burn time your light has remaining!!!!  This tester will eliminate the guess work and tell you just that!!!

  • Designed to work on ALL 4.2 Volt Superior HellCat lights. 
  • Bright LED display gives quick and accurate readings. 
  • Stand alone design does not add weight to the light and allows use on all previously built HellCat lights.
  • Always know exactly how much battery life your HellCat has remaining!
  • On the Hellcat Maxx, each bar represents 1 hour of burn time. If you have 1 bar remaining, you will have 1 hour of burn time remaining. If you have no bars with the outside light illuminated, you really need to charge your light.
  • All other 4.2 volt Superior lights each bar represents a percent of life remaining. 
  • Made in the USA!!!
  • 90 Day Warranty!!