Superior SpiderEye

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Ultra lightweight Cap light now featuring Superior SpiderEye Technology!
Features a 100% made in the U.S.A composite SPIDEREYE 3-LED headpiece matched with a 7.4 volt power pack. The SPIDEREYE head comes with 2 white LEDs and 1 colored LED. The Dual White LEDS put out 500 Lumens of bright white light that is perfect for walking and the Colored LED comes in your choice of color. This cap light is an excellent compliment to our Superior Hand Held Spotlight. Your choice of Bump Cap or Soft Cap with plastic liner(Soft cap with liner shown in photo). All Superior Cap lights come with an Automatic charger and a 2 year warranty.
Available with red, green, blue or amber colored LED
Burn Times for Two White
* 1st Click : 100 Hours
* 2nd Click : 31 Hours
* 3rd Click : 9.5 Hours
* 4th Click : 2.8 Hours
Using the single colored LED, burn time is doubled.